Tell the truth now, food bloggers! We’d all rather sit down to write than clean up the kitchen. We’d all rather take another photo of lovely food or ingredients or search our favorite cookbooks or read other people’s blogs than go back in there and wipe down the stove. I’ll confess: I don’t like cleaning pots and pans and I’ve been known to keep cooking all week and just move the pile around until I’ve run out of equipment and must stop to wash up.

I’ve tried all the tricks! “Wash up as you go along.” “Wash up while the food is in the oven.” I’d prefer, “Wash up while you are not in the house and mythical creatures clean the kitchen!” Sigh….

I’ll admit it’s satisfying when I have it all done and the counters are ready for the next wave of food exploration. But that’s not tonight or now. Now, I’m at the laptop and pots, pans, plates, colanders, measuring cups, knives, whisks, tongs and this morning’s coffee cup silently stare from the adjacent room. Open design kitchens….Not for this cook! I’ve got a pocket door and I’m using it!